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The Brafferton
In My Fashion
One Chittendon Drive
The Empty House
Sweet Miss Marguerite
The Rubber Dome
Losing Patience
The Menagerie
The Test
Winding Down
Voices (9/11)
Fatty Mattie
Just Hold Me
Elizabeth Rose
Key West Dreams

Joyce Faulkner at St. Louis Bookfair

St Louis Bookfair Oct. 31, 2004



Joyce Faulkner, author of Losing Patience, ponders the natural and supernatural aspects of mortality in this collection of short fiction.   On the surface, these tales are simple ghost stories, quirky mysteries and evocative sagas of bittersweet beginnings and endings.  The first taste intrigues and entertains but after you put the book down, the flavor lingers -- luring you back into the labyrinth to discover her deeper meanings.  

Faulkner’s stories twist a philosophical Rubik’s Cube to reveal new perspectives of old realities.  She focuses on ethical conundrums -- guilt, forgiveness, fidelity and retribution.   Her characters face complex choices about whether to hang on or let go.  Their struggles are both bizarre and familiar -- life as we know it turned upside down.

Joyce Faulkner


Praise for Joyce Faulkner’s stories

"Joyce Faulkner's stories show how often violence finds its origin in sentiment: the dull shadows of our daily lives have sharp edges, which cut deeply." . . . James Sallis, author of the Lew Griffin novels

“Joyce Faulkner writes with pathos and humor, violence and sensitivity. Faulkner's characters are deliciously devilish, shocking and powerful, yet deeply moral. Through her compendium of disparate tales that shock and amuse, Faulkner shares a view of a world in which honesty in relationships is the ultimate truth.” . . . Ken Goldberg, author and psychologist

“A good short story sucks you in quickly. Joyce Faulkner creates worlds that absorb you and make you question preconceived notions. At times, her tales remind me of classic episodes of the Twilight Zone.” . . . Dominick Miserandino,

“Joyce Faulkner's tales engage, touch, and entertain her readers. With a keen eye for dialogue and a talent for developing characters that are real enough to leap off the page, Faulkner delivers prose that is uncommonly exquisite.” . . . Bev Walton-Porter, Editor, Scribe & Quill

"In this collection, Joyce Faulkner manages to capture the reader's interest by plunging him or her into the world of the mysterious, the macabre and the horrific. There is something for everyone here: for the Civil War buff, for the crime story lover and for the aficionado of Americana. Faulkner handles her material excellently and in the title story, Losing Patience, gives the reader unexpected jolts that reminds me of a combination of O. Henry's surprise endings, punctuated by the grotesqueness of Franz Kafka" ... Russ Spenser, author of "The Naked Twilight

"Faulkner flirts with psychological deviants, upsetting times, and towns that feel as twisted as the characters themselves. Somehow, they all feel believable--as if you've known them somewhere, sometime before"... Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of "The Frugal Book Promoter", "This Is the Place", & "The Harkening".

"I can almost hear Rod Serling..."Consider, if you will, Andrew and Grover, two Civil War soldiers who meet under unusual circumstances... "... Larry Wikoff, Raleigh, NC

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Curled Up With A Good Book Review


"He leaned back in the saddle and closed his eyes. “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.” Each time a bullet whizzed past his ear and ripped into someone else, he’d thanked God even as he grieved for the man beside him. It was impossible to feel truly sorry over another soul’s destiny when it was the result of your own good fortune. Yes, Andrew was dead -- but Grover was alive and he rejoiced."


Key West Dreams:

"Jay’s erogenous zones tingled. Ara made flying in an airplane sound delicious -- like illicit sex. He thought about his conventional life with his conventional wife -- safe, solid and disappointing. It was easy to see why the Manakin brothers’ fortunes had diverged. Jim went after what he wanted -- Jay settled for what he could get. Jim was Key West. Jay was McKeesport."
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Fatty Mattie & Just Hold Me (Run time 5:00 minutes)
Sweet Miss Marguerite (Run time 3.23 minutes)

Losing Patience by Joyce Faulkner

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